Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Weekly challenge

Take a look at this picture :

Write a short piece of prose, poetry or fiction inspired by it. You don't have to mention the picture at all; just see where it takes you.

For example - You could write a short piece about a man walking in the rain; how is he feeling? Where has he come from? Where is he going?

To be completed by Tuesday 6th September:

I stood there contemplating whether to walk through the park or hail down a taxi. I really wanted to walk, but the idea of getting soaked through was not my idea of fun..... then again, neither was having to participate in small-talk  with a total stranger who knew sod all about me!
So I set off briskly and a conscious feeling of isolation suddenly overcome me.  The trees whispered amongst themselves defying the otherwise silent, lonely evening. I breathed in the cool, damp air trying to block out everything that had happened.  It was a waste of time though, the tears started to fall despite my effort, and I suddenly lost control.  Why couldn't I be strong and beat this? Why did the pain strip me bare and mock me?  It was all too much! I took a long, deep breath and screamed...... it went on and on, penetrating the park's surroundings.  I stopped suddenly but the echo lingered and leered. The frightened birds flapped their feathered wings and flew off into the sunset. The whispering trees waved them goodbye and suddenly fell silent.  Everything came to a standstill, my tears, the mocking, the leering and my pain...
I composed myself and continued to walk home. Ahead of me I could make out a tall figure of a man holding an umbrella.....