Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Weekly challenge

Take a look at this picture :

Write a short piece of prose, poetry or fiction inspired by it. You don't have to mention the picture at all; just see where it takes you.

For example - You could write a short piece about a man walking in the rain; how is he feeling? Where has he come from? Where is he going?

To be completed by Tuesday 6th September:

I stood there contemplating whether to walk through the park or hail down a taxi. I really wanted to walk, but the idea of getting soaked through was not my idea of fun..... then again, neither was having to participate in small-talk  with a total stranger who knew sod all about me!
So I set off briskly and a conscious feeling of isolation suddenly overcome me.  The trees whispered amongst themselves defying the otherwise silent, lonely evening. I breathed in the cool, damp air trying to block out everything that had happened.  It was a waste of time though, the tears started to fall despite my effort, and I suddenly lost control.  Why couldn't I be strong and beat this? Why did the pain strip me bare and mock me?  It was all too much! I took a long, deep breath and screamed...... it went on and on, penetrating the park's surroundings.  I stopped suddenly but the echo lingered and leered. The frightened birds flapped their feathered wings and flew off into the sunset. The whispering trees waved them goodbye and suddenly fell silent.  Everything came to a standstill, my tears, the mocking, the leering and my pain...
I composed myself and continued to walk home. Ahead of me I could make out a tall figure of a man holding an umbrella.....

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Part 1 of 'Annie'

 The gentle breeze caused the flimsy curtains to flutter, as the morning sun filtered into the bedroom.  Annie stirred but exhaustion caused the twenty four year old to ignore the pleasantries of the peaceful, spring morning.  Her thick, wavy, red hair sprawled over the cotton pillowcase, adding beauty to the otherwise plain Docklands apartment. Normally, the young business woman was up at 6am, jogging around central park, New York. However, a late flight into Heathrow the night before, followed by a two hour taxi journey, had taken its toll on her. She lay there sleeping peacefully, until her alarm clock suddenly came to life, reminding her of the week ahead in London.
Slipping into her dressing gown she switched on the percolator, and opened the balcony door, embracing the magnificent view. The tranquil water of the river Thames looked dazzling and the surrounding buildings saluted proudly.  Annie had barely noticed the view when she arrived in the early hours, but now she savoured the scenery before her.  The aroma of coffee suddenly aroused her senses, and she decided to shower and select appropriate clothing for her meeting in Holborn that afternoon.
Within forty five minutes Annie had left the apartment and started making her way to Holborn. In despite of her slight frame, as she strolled along the river, she looked powerful and confident.  Her green eyes were striking and complimented her fair complexion , and those who met her could not help but notice her beauty....... 

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Well I'm considering this A215 course is going to be harder than I thought....  I really struggle for time when it comes to writing! I bought my little 'notepad' and there are no entries at all! There must be lots and lots of ideas buzzing around in front of, me and I'm not realising it. Facebook for example, exploits the ups and downs of friend's lives, yet I still don't seem to feel compelled to write. In fact, I'm going to have a nosey at my news feed now, and maybe ideas will jump out in front of me: 'sitting on the balcony'..... erm, a possible beginning of a romantic love story  maybe???  'would love to know what I done to deserve this!'.....erm, a family ding-dong perhaps???? And finally, 'BORED', a little person who hasn't mastered the art of washing-up/loading the dishwasher because he spends far too much time on the computer watching sci-fi???? Let's hope this isn't the start of a novel which witnesses him kidnapped by aliens, and carted off to the moon......
So there's a few ideas generated from the 'social networking' site Facebook -- I feel mighty proud of my 1st bit of investigating; I shall write it all up tomorrow morning!
Netty, applaud yourself, this could be the start of your career as a creative writer.... now it's time to rest that weary head and enter the land of....... dreams..... and possibilities ;-))))

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A215 challenge

Oki doki - here goes! I can't believe I am brave enough to post this little muddle! Thanks for looking fellow students :-))))

Bittersweet kisses taint my lips
They linger and torment
Distant moans –
Serenade my soul
Refusing to relent
My strength is weak
Like a newborn foal
On a pasture new one morn,
My smile is lost
And yearning for
The passing of the storm.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 3: Well it's a sad day  for the UK. Riots have increased & spread across London.  Homes, cars and businesses have been ruined by criminals who probably find it exhilarating to trash property and set it alight! It's dam right disgusting!
Witnesses claim that the offenders are 'youths' who appear to be having 'fun'.  How can the younger generation cause so much chaos? Unfortunately, there are plenty of good youths who are considered as 'nothings' because of  behaviour like this.
Rather a bleak blog, probably lots of grammar and spelling mistakes, but I wanted to acknowledge the anarchy and say 'fingers crossed for justice!!!!'

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Here goes then.... my very first blog! I have finally jumped on the blogging train, along with a few other A215'ers! Heck, this is pretty important stuff - after all - we all need to procrastinate on a daily basis.... don't we? I think I will have a few more coffees, have a nosey through the newspaper, check out the headlines and check my very 'important' notebook! Sound familiar?
If that doesn't inspire me, what will?