Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My name is 'Her'

Causing pain, twisting knots
It’s a pleasurable journey,
Shouting, screaming mindless thuggery
Puts forth my mother’s ways
Did she groom, mould and shape
My slippery shadow?
Is she my mother at all?

Delve into and deliver 
Deep, dark  tricks.
Laugh, leer and spread lies
Ensure they all drown in Hell and fury as I
Suffocate and blur his healthy mind.
I shall slither and smear the sisters,
Ferment and infuse the famine towards his others –
It’s the methodical me, me, me.

His mother, his pitiful, pitiful mother
Claws and climbs the craggy hill.
The smoke is smoggy as she nears her destiny,
Choking and fighting forever more,
He may see her while
I scream, shout and slither silently
Shattering my own distorted innocence,
As I openly embrace the everlasting evil,
And bathe in an eternal war against the outlaws….

After all, I am the undertaker
My black cloak underpins my mastery -
And  blinds them with thee invisible glare –
Bit by bit –
Little by little –
I have superseded his family
And refuse to adhere to guilt

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