Saturday, 27 August 2011

Part 1 of 'Annie'

 The gentle breeze caused the flimsy curtains to flutter, as the morning sun filtered into the bedroom.  Annie stirred but exhaustion caused the twenty four year old to ignore the pleasantries of the peaceful, spring morning.  Her thick, wavy, red hair sprawled over the cotton pillowcase, adding beauty to the otherwise plain Docklands apartment. Normally, the young business woman was up at 6am, jogging around central park, New York. However, a late flight into Heathrow the night before, followed by a two hour taxi journey, had taken its toll on her. She lay there sleeping peacefully, until her alarm clock suddenly came to life, reminding her of the week ahead in London.
Slipping into her dressing gown she switched on the percolator, and opened the balcony door, embracing the magnificent view. The tranquil water of the river Thames looked dazzling and the surrounding buildings saluted proudly.  Annie had barely noticed the view when she arrived in the early hours, but now she savoured the scenery before her.  The aroma of coffee suddenly aroused her senses, and she decided to shower and select appropriate clothing for her meeting in Holborn that afternoon.
Within forty five minutes Annie had left the apartment and started making her way to Holborn. In despite of her slight frame, as she strolled along the river, she looked powerful and confident.  Her green eyes were striking and complimented her fair complexion , and those who met her could not help but notice her beauty....... 

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