Sunday, 14 August 2011


Well I'm considering this A215 course is going to be harder than I thought....  I really struggle for time when it comes to writing! I bought my little 'notepad' and there are no entries at all! There must be lots and lots of ideas buzzing around in front of, me and I'm not realising it. Facebook for example, exploits the ups and downs of friend's lives, yet I still don't seem to feel compelled to write. In fact, I'm going to have a nosey at my news feed now, and maybe ideas will jump out in front of me: 'sitting on the balcony'..... erm, a possible beginning of a romantic love story  maybe???  'would love to know what I done to deserve this!'.....erm, a family ding-dong perhaps???? And finally, 'BORED', a little person who hasn't mastered the art of washing-up/loading the dishwasher because he spends far too much time on the computer watching sci-fi???? Let's hope this isn't the start of a novel which witnesses him kidnapped by aliens, and carted off to the moon......
So there's a few ideas generated from the 'social networking' site Facebook -- I feel mighty proud of my 1st bit of investigating; I shall write it all up tomorrow morning!
Netty, applaud yourself, this could be the start of your career as a creative writer.... now it's time to rest that weary head and enter the land of....... dreams..... and possibilities ;-))))

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